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ISBN-13- 978-1512394825

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A young adult fantasy adventure story of a young woman finding that she is more special than she ever imagined possible. Being left all alone in the world, no family and few friends, young Shiori finds a book with a mysterious past that leads her on a dangerous adventure around the world. She becomes the target of people who would see her destroyed and must find out her past and her path, while deciding who to trust along the way. Shiori (Shy for short) finds help in unusual places and learns to trust the thing she has feared the most, herself. A safe read containing no inappropriate language or scenes. Does contain magic and use of powers.

"Inspiring - Dragons, strength of family. Certainly a story I will read again and again. A great adventure to embark on. Well done." - Tawny S.

"Exciting and easy reading - A very exciting book from a new author. It was easy reading and a very interesting storyline. Hoping to see more from this new author." - Debbie