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When I was a little girl, I loved to write. I remember that all I wanted for Christmas was my own typewriter (and yes I know to some of you that may make me sound old that it was a typewriter and not a computer). When I received it I was beyond happy and created story after story.

Here it is years later and that same joy and desire to put pen to paper is still strong! I love the written word in all its forms. I love to read and to write and create. My prayer is that what I have written will inspire and encourage readers.

What Others Are Saying...

"This young lady is such an excellent example of living a Christian life in these trying days. This book is for anyone who is striving to be a better Christian. Her works are so easy to understand and follow. I have gained a better understanding of living a better life and to be a follower of Christ our Lord. I recommend this book to all who is willing to put Christ first in their life." ~ Peggi W.

"First of all, she is a wonderful Christian woman! She puts God first, family then friends! She is truly the bright shining light that God wants all Christians to be! She never thinks of herself, but takes everybody else that she comes in contact with! Being a preachers wife she takes very seriously! She has the woman of the church busy doing good works all the time to help in their spiritual growth. She homeschools her children so they can be around her and teaching them the way it should be! I can’t think of anything that she lacks in as a true lady of conviction to the Lord always in her daily life! I believe she is going to do great things for women everywhere to be stronger in the Lords Church and we need more just like her!!!!" ~ Paula E.